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    线上订单可免费提供增值税普通电子发票(即商品为含税价格); 本站直接下单收款方式为企业支付宝账户。

    Online orders can provide free VAT ordinary electronic invoice (i.e. the goods are tax-inclusive prices);


    Offline store payment settlement price is consistent with online price, except for public money, do not provide free VAT free of charge free of charge (i.e. goods excluding tax)

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    Five-color soil (Xian) space design Co., Ltd

    寻找分享并创造一切美好事物,推动自身进步从而影响行业发展。 构建贯穿时间长河,跨越空间维度,链接彼此心灵的美好生活理念。 (美好事物研究所)世界因我更美好

    Find ways to share and create all the good things that drive your own progress and influence the industry. Build a beautiful life concept that runs through time, spans the dimensions of space, and links each other's hearts. The world is a better place because of me

    Monday — Saturday 09:30—18:30 Sunday 11:00—17:00
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我们五色土(西安)空间设计有限公司(双商标WSTD®,FCSD®)(以下简称:五色土空间设计)十分重视你的隐私。 本隐私声明阐述了五色土空间设计网站处理的个人数据以及五色土空间设计网站处理个人数据的方式和目的。
Our five-color soil (Xian) Space Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: five-color soil space design) attaches great importance to your privacy. This privacy statement describes the personal data processed by the Five Colors Earth Space Design website and the ways and purposes for which the Five Color Earth Space Design website processes personal data.
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any personal data disclosure resulting from you informing or sharing an account with others;Any personal data that is disclosed, lost, stolen or tampered with due to the force majeure of the normal operation of the network due to problems with the user's own device, hacking attacks, computer virus intrusions or attacks, temporary shutdowns caused by government regulation, etc.
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本网站不会有意收集未成年人的个人信息,若阁下提供未成年人的个人信息,请你预先经过其监护人同意后再进行,“未成年人” 的定义应根据本条约适用的法律确定。
This website does not knowingly collect personal information about minors, and if you provide personal information about a minor, please do so with the prior consent of your guardian, and the definition of "minor" shall be determined in accordance with the applicable law of this Treaty.

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The right to modify, update and interpret this Privacy Policy belongs to the five-color earth space design. Five-color soil space design will update this privacy policy and publish at any time, updated content from the date of publication effective, please visit regularly, in order to keep abreast.
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Our five-color soil (Xian) Space Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: five-color soil space design) attaches great importance to your questions and suggestions, and very much respect your general consumer rights and interests.

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We shall not be liable for any conflicts or disputes arising out of any products and services that are not directly provided by us.
As our services are customized, unique and time-sensitive, there is a high probability that similar content may or may have appeared later, and we do not assume any legal risks to such issues! Creative designs that we export directly are replicable and therefore cannot be refunded after payment (except for non-human irresistible factors such as natural disasters)! Payment or submission of information is considered to harmonize all of our terms (including privacy policies, etc.)

We are only responsible for our creative designs. We are only liable for refunds and liabilities that may arise (the actual charge for the design service fee)